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6 Thoughts about Disciplining Other People’s Kids

Parenting is a challenge—and it’s hard enough keeping your own toddler in line. But what happens when you’re at an event and another child is misbehaving, perhaps against your own child, and their parents don’t seem to be around?

There can be a sensitive situation because you want the behavior to stop, but you don’t feel you have the authority to discipline the other child. You also don’t want to cause a confrontation with said parent (assuming they’re around… somewhere). Here are six tips to deal with a child when it’s not your own…

1. Make your Presence Known

Parents.com uses an example where bigger kids than you own are demanding to borrow some drawing chalk from your toddler. Your toddler, being the upstanding and gracious person you’ve raised them to be, hands some over… but then the bigger kids come back for more and won’t take no for an answer.

The source notes in this case, making your presence known is often enough to deter the bad behavior. If you hulking size doesn’t intimidate them, then it’s OK to say something like, “We don’t grab chalk from people,” the site suggests. Put in the context that someone could get hurt from all the grabbing. Failing that, pack up and move on.


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