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6 Things to Know About Infant and Toddler Sleep Regressions

You’ve finally got your little one into a nice nighttime sleep pattern, and you’re getting some restful sleeps yourself, until BAM! Junior suddenly starts waking up in the middle of the night (several times) and you’re back to grumpy-ville in the morning.

This is called a sleep regression – and BabySleepSite.com says it’s when an infant or toddler goes from sleeping through the night to being restless at unreasonable hours. This can be very upsetting for you as a parent, who suddenly loses sleep again and might wonder if there’s something wrong. Here are six things to know about sleep regression…

1. They Happen More Than Once

If you’ve just made it through a bumpy period and your child has settled back down into their nighttime sleep pattern, good for you and congrats. However, we have some rather bad news: it’s probably going to happen again.

BabySleepSite.com explains sleep regressions typically occur at 4-months, 8 to 9- months, 11 to 12-months, 18-months, and 2-years. Remember, these are guidelines. Some young ones will experience these regressions at different times, but they’re no easier to deal with. Some parents even report their 4-year-olds going through similar disrupted sleep patterns.

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