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6 Styles of Parenting: What Kind of Parent Are You?

As parents, we all make a personal decision on how we will raise our children. The problem is, many parents find themselves caught up in the many different opinions and judgments that occur between parenting styles, which can often lead to hurt feelings, rifts, debates, and arguments.

While parenting styles may create different outcomes for many, the goal as a parent is to do what you feel is best for your child. Parenthood is a conscious effort to do that, without knowing what the outcome will be in the long term. It can be scary, frustrating, and rewarding all at the same time. Each style of parenting can come with it’s own long line of pros and cons, and nobody can tell you which is right for you. You may find you identify and relate with one style of parenting more than others, or a combination of a few…

1. Attachment Parenting

Attachment parenting is highly encouraged by doctors and midwives as a great way to bond a newborn infant to it’s mother. It’s general goal is to be in close contact with your baby as much as possible, to know and understand your child’s needs as they occur. This includes baby wearing, skin to skin time, breastfeeding (if possible), and safe co-sleeping.

Dr. Sears suggests that attachment parenting may even lower the risk of SIDS, and says this “parenting style can enhance the development of a baby’s physiological control systems and increase mother’s awareness to subtle changes in her baby’s physiology, [and] lower the risk of SIDS…attachment parenting does all this.” Attachment parenting has been said to increase a child’s awareness to the needs of others. While the flip side is that it’s also said that this style can create separation anxiety.

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