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6 Skin Care Tips for Baby’s Bathtime

When it comes to jumping into the ol’ bathtub for a scrub, the rules are different for adults and babies. While you may enjoy a hot, sudsy tub so you can relax while catching up on your reading, your baby’s skin is much more delicate and needs special consideration.

From water temperature, to the type of cleaning products, to frequency, your baby will have the healthiest skin if you learn what it needs and what it doesn’t need. Here are six things to know about bathing your newborn or toddler…


1. Don’t Bathe them Every Night

HealthyChildren.org said a newborn shouldn’t be in the tub more than 3-times per week. That’s assuming that you clean their diaper area thoroughly between changes to avoid any rashes

Bathing infants too often will dry out their skin, and can also increase the risk of a rashy skin condition called eczema, noted the website. The site recommends using a hypoallergenic lotion after you dry them gently to keep the skin hydrated and smooth.

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