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6 Positive Parenting Practices that Don’t include Yelling

These days, it’s becoming increasingly frowned upon to yell at your kids (especially when you’re in a public setting). However, while the acceptance of screaming at kids may be dropping, the number of times your child may become unruly probably isn’t.

Having a child throw a temper tantrum at the mall can be exhausting and embarrassing, so how do you deal with a child that just doesn’t seem to be able to control themselves despite your best efforts? It’s more about being the role model for how you’d like your child to behave, while also exuding positivity through difficult moments, according to some experts. Here are six alternatives to losing your temper when it comes to disciplining your little ones…


1. Choose your Battles Wisely

Every child is going to have moments when they’re tired, stressed, or just want to push your limits. That can mean a tiring exchange while you try to calm junior down. However, if you did this every time your child acted unfavorably, you’d probably feel burnt out.

Parenting magazine says you should focus your energy more on the moments that will really make a difference. For example, if your child refuses to wear the shirt you want them to for school or camp, maybe just let them make that decision (as long as it’s not too impractical or outrageous). If the child is in danger from their actions, then it’s time to step up, said the article. Also, if they slap you or another child, then you should tell them why it’s not okay. If your little one decides to hurl food at their grandparents, you might also want to intervene.

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