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6 Methods to Motivate your Kids in Healthy Ways

To some kids these days, being social means using social media, and being active means playing sports video games. However, while there’s no harm letting your kids have a little chill out time with a gaming system (as long as the game isn’t too violent), there are ways you can help them take control of their health.

Physical and mental development are important to the future success of your child. However getting them motivated to go outside or meet new friends can be a challenge for any parent. Hint: the reward should be the accomplishment itself, not a “bribe”. Here are six ways you can help your kids tackle new challenges…


1. Don’t Confuse your Ambitions with Theirs

You may have some ideas for what you’d like your child to pursue, whether it’s a dance class or joining a hockey school. However, while you may have loved those activities as a child, it doesn’t mean your offspring will.

Empowering Parents notes that you should really separate your own desires to help you motivate your child to get up and go. Ask them questions about what they like to do, and if they don’t know, help them by asking them prompting questions. Listen to what they are telling you, not what you want to hear.


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