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Holiday Traditions That are Healthy and Fun for Families

The holidays are a time to be with family, so why not enjoy your time together in a healthy way? For example, instead of spending a day baking cookies with your kids (which is okay, as long as you don’t eat them all too fast) why not get outside or find something else that’s fun and still encourages bonding while feeling festive?

While the season has been unseasonably warm for most of the northern U.S. and Canada so far, it doesn’t mean you can’t find wintry things to do that include all members of your family from young to wise. Here are five ideas for new festive family traditions you can start this year and keep going next year (and beyond)…


1. Decorate the Property

Instead of just stringing up a couple of lights from the garage and calling it a day, why not get your kids involved? That could include a bit of planning and creativity, but your entire family will feel part of the process of your home’s holiday makeover that will surely put them in the spirit.

Everyday Health says that while decorating the home with the family is fun, it’s also good exercise. “You can burn up to 250 calories every hour of decking those halls,” notes the article. The source also recommends the kids focus on placing the ground-level ornaments while you take on the ladder jobs for safety.


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