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6 Health Benefits of Outdoor Playtime for Kids

Whether your kid is 2 or 12, there should definitely be some time set aside for them to play outside the confines of the home. It could be a family group activity (for younger children), but your little one may want some more independent playtime (or with friends) when they get older.

While it’s okay to have a bit of time inside playing video games, chances are your kid is not moving around much or getting the benefits that come with being outdoors. It might take some doing to convince junior to take their fun outside, but once they realize how great the outdoors are, it’ll be child’s play for them. Let’s look at six benefits of playing outside…

1. Improved Vision

According to TheRecord.com, kids who play outside regularly tend to have better distance vision than those who play inside all the time. The source cites a study by the University of Waterloo’s School of Optometry and Vision Science and CNIB (both in Canada) says that even an extra hour outdoors every week can help save a child’s vision down the road.

The article also points out that myopia (near-sightedness) increases from 6-percent to 29-percent for kids aged between six and 13. “Historically, it was around age 12 or 13 was when myopia started,” adds the source. The study found that 1-extra hour of outdoor play per week reduces the chance of myopia in young people by 14-percent, it adds.

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