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Head Lice Facts Every Parent Should Know

This week a resounding groan followed by incessant itching was heard across the Canadian province of Ontario. Why? Because the Ontario public school board announced that they would revoke the “no nit” rule that asked children with head lice to stay home from school. According to research brought forth by the Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) signalling out children in the classroom and making them stay home from school causes unfair stigma. Of course, this lead to a loud minority of very panicked and protesting parents.

Don’t scratch your head over the issue, here are six head lice facts that parents need to know..


1. Common Head Lice Misconceptions

Alright, I know that no two words make you want to dig at your scalp more than head lice. It’s bound to give you the creepy crawlies and  maybe even make you panic. However, before parents get that first notice sent home warning of head lice in their child’s school, let’s lie to rest a few common misconceptions.

Health experts estimate that the most common misconceptions about how lice is concerning firstly, how they’re spread and secondly, how your treat them. The Cleveland Clinic blames these common misnomers for undue panic. For instance, the Clinic says that parents will often see dandruff in their child’s hair and confuse these flakes for nits.


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