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6 Extracurricular Activities for Kids that Boost Mind and Body

Kids are generally energetic by nature – and they want to burn off that energy, whether it’s chasing their siblings through the house or running in circles in the backyard.

Since your child wants to be active anyway, why not enroll them in an extracurricular program that not only harnesses that energy, but also helps them develop physically and mentally? Choosing a regular after-school endeavor for your kids can be very rewarding (as long as your child enjoys it – focus on their natural interests). Here are six activities to consider…

1. Martial Arts

The point of martial arts for kids is not to become international kung-fu superstars, but to build character. While it can help your child stand their ground if they’re being bullied or threatened (or help to avoid conflicts to begin with), Livestrong.com says there are a number of benefits for kids in a martial arts program, including fitness, respect, and self-confidence.

While many people only picture punching and kicking when they think of martial arts, it can actually help your child better control themselves. Self-discipline is a big component of martial arts, and can even help perform better in school and other areas of life because it will “help instill mental focus in your child, giving her the ability to concentrate on a task and see it through to its conclusion.”

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