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6 Backpack Safety Tips to Lighten Back to School Burden

When it comes to back to school, your kids shouldn’t have to carry the world on their shoulders, figuratively and literally. That means the backpack you choose for them should be made for their size and carrying capacity, to avoid injury and other mishaps.

When you’re shopping for a backpack for your child, remember that bigger isn’t always better. But it’s more than size that matters—there are other things to keep in mind when slinging a pack through the halls. Here are six tips for backpack safety for back to school time…

1. Don’t Put All Books in one Backpack

Your child probably has a number of textbooks and other materials they need for all of their classes, and they might feel compelled to keep it all in their pack for convenience. Because the back and torso contain the strongest muscles in the body, your child may not feel the strain it’s causing them.

Encourage your child to only carry around the books they need for their next class, and take advantage of their locker—that’s what it’s there for. Sure, they’ll have to walk a few extra steps between classes, but the walking will also do them good. Also, they won’t have a backpack that potentially starts to rip from being overloaded.

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