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6 A/C Free Ways to Keep Your Kids Cool this Summer

This summer has been especially hot across the U.S. (maybe there is something to this whole global warming thing). That aside, the high heat and humidity can make it easy just to turn to air conditioning, which can be cooling but leave you sweating when you see your electricity bill.

Using air conditioning has also been known to cause headaches and respiratory problems, which you don’t want for yourself or your kids. So, instead of flicking on the air conditioner, try one of these six tips to keep your kids’ cool so you can keep your own cool…

1. Take a Dip

Not everyone has an Olympic-sized pool in their backyard, but you don’t need one to get the cooling effects of water. Having a smaller, inflatable pool in the backyard filled with water that’s not too cold (or too hot) will help take the edge off and relieve your sweaty children.

While AmericanPool.com recommends pool water temperatures of 86 to 90-degrees for 3 to 5-year olds, it’s not always easy to regulate this if your little pool has no heating source. It may be best to fill the pool up with a garden hose and then leave it out in the hot sun for several hours before dropping junior in, so it’s not a major shock. Failing that, you can always dip them in the bathtub (especially right before bed).

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