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5 Nutrition Tips for Active Kids

2. Portable Nutritious Snack

A busy schedule of games, practices and lessons can often mean missing sit down meals at home. Avoid the fast food trap by preparing portable and healthy snacks to fuel your pint-sized athlete. Because kids are still growing, a balanced diet is essential. Do not replace healthy meals and snacks with protein bars and shakes.

Hard boiled eggs, veggies and hummus, nuts, fresh fruit, and lean meats like chicken or whole grain breads are all great options. You can pack an insulated lunch bag to keep sandwiches fresh for a pre-game snack.  If you’re going to offer your kids a snack before a game or practice, make sure it’s 2-hours prior. If you child eats right before exercising, their bodies will burn energy digesting food instead of fueling the activity.

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