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5 Benefits of Naps for Babies and Toddlers

We all love a good nap, but rarely have time for it. However, in a toddler’s busy little world, naps are more important. In fact, they’re almost a must. Not only are they beneficial for your child, they also give you as the parent or other caregivers a much needed break.

KidsHealth.org explains that early childhood is a crucial time for your child’s development, and that naps “provide much-needed downtime for growth and rejuvenation.” In fact, it notes infants up to 6-months old need up to 20-hours of sleep per day, so naptime is an important factor in reaching that total. Here are 5 ways putting children down for a nap is good for them—and you!


1. Naps Aid in Emotional Development

An article in Parenting magazine notes that toddlers who don’t get daytime rest can show more signs of anxiety and decreased cognitive abilities (such as problem-solving). The PsychCentral.com study that uncovered this finding said it “shows insufficient sleep in the form of missing a nap taxes the way toddlers express different feelings” and can create lifelong mood disorders.

The study focused on sleep-deprived toddlers, and also tested the same children after having a nap. It found a 34-percent decrease in “positive emotional responses” among the tired toddlers compared to after getting some shuteye.

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