Tips For Preventing Painful Diaper Rash

Changing a crying baby’s diaper is heartbreaking enough, but what if you discover a red irritated bottom is the reason for their discomfort?

Unfortunately, the majority of babies are plagued by the dreaded and painful diaper rash that occurs due to a sensitive bottom irritated by wetness, diaper friction, and enzymes from their stool and urine. However, the good news is that you can do your part as a loving parent or caregiver to soothe and prevent agonizing diaper rash.

Here are some tips for preventing painful diaper rash…

Clean that Bottom Thoroughly

As mentioned, the leading cause of diaper rash is wetness mixed with friction combined with enzymes from baby’s feces and urine. So the best way you can prevent diaper rash from worsening is by cleaning that tender bottom gently and thoroughly each time you change a diaper.

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Emily Lockhart

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