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12 Things to Know About Blood Clotting Disorders in Children

When it comes to blood clots, usually we tend to become more aware of their risk when we advance in age. However, while adult blood clots can be caused by a number of factors including high cholesterol, children can suffer from a number of clotting disorders that don’t necessarily relate to exterior factors.

When a child has a clotting disorder, it is often inherited from their parents, and it doesn’t mean they will encounter a health episode. However, a clotting disorder can still be diagnosed in a young person and treated, so here are 12 things to know about them…

1. Defining a Clotting Disorder

Blood clotting disorders are simply defined by St. Louis Children’s Hospital as a group of disorders that cause excessive clotting in the blood.

While blood clotting is an important mechanism in the case of an injury that causes bleeding, clots may also form when there’s no trigger, explains the source. The trouble is that these clots may end up blocking blood passages, which can lead to bigger health troubles.

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