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12 Health Facts About Overactive Bladder in Children

An overworking bladder in a child can be distressing for both the child and you as the parent, as you’ll be dealing with frequent trips to the bathroom when you’re out and about or cleaning up wet sheets at night (or getting up to help them).

It’s not just a phase that all kids go through – it actually has a medical name, called overactive bladder or OAB that can be diagnosed and treated. But first you need to know the signs. Here are 12 things to know about this condition in kids…

1. Filling You in On Overactive Bladder

BeingTheParent.com explains that while this is not a disease, it’s still a condition that needs attention. It’s characterized by a “sudden, uncontrollable spasm of the muscle in the wall of the urinary bladder” that results in the sudden need to find a washroom, says the source.

Another thing about OAB is that the bladder does not need to actually be full for the child to feel an urgent sensation to urinate. The bladder may “just contain a little quantity of urine,” it notes.

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