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10 Tips for a Safe, Childproof Home

Accidents are a leading cause of death and disability in children. In one study by M.Laffoy, it was found that over 50-percent of injuries were due to falls, cuts accounted for 23-percent, burns 13-percent, poisoning 8-percent, and ingestion of foreign objects 6-percent. Children under the age of 5-years are particularly vulnerable to sustaining injuries related to an unsafe home environment. The tragedy is that the vast majority of these injuries are preventable by childproofing your home. This is easy and inexpensive to do and can be done quickly.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can childproof your home…


1. Secure Big Screen TVs

More and more people are buying big screen television sets for their homes as the prices become more affordable. What many don’t realize is how top heavy and dangerous these televisions can be to children. A study by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported upwards of 19,000 TV-related injuries to children from 2008-2010, 85-percent of which occurred in the home.

Most injuries occurred when the TV toppled over, hitting the child’s body and crushing their skulls. Some fatalities were reported as well as injuries resulting in permanent, life-long disabilities. The single most important safety measure parents can take in this case is to secure your big screen TV to the wall or to its base so that it cannot topple over even if climbed upon or bumped into by an active child.

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