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10 Parental Surprises to Expect in Baby’s First Year

Parenthood is full of constant surprises! And regardless of how much research you do, baby books you buy, and other parents you consult with you are bound to be flabbergasted on a regular basis during baby’s first year of existence. Plus, everything from your social life to leaving the house (and what you bring when you leave the house) will change. Let’s examine the developmental changes–including the physical, behavioral, and lifestyle changes–that you can expect from birth to your baby’s first birthday.

Here are ten of the biggest parental surprises in your child’s first year…

1. You’re Priorities Will Change

I have a good friend who said off the cuff a few months before she delivered her son, “I’ll have him and things will go back just the way that they used to be…I won’t be one of those obsessed moms!” Boy, was she misinformed. New parents are all about baby, and rightfully so. Suddenly, you are responsible for this new, precious life that you love beyond what you thought was ever possible.

Your world may suddenly revolve around baby, with new sleep schedules, eating times, and accessories that have to come along with you whenever you go anywhere. Trust me, it’s impossible to keep a set schedule that includes things that were once priorities–like going the gym everyday, checking in with work and working overtime, getting out for a regular Monday girl’s or boy’s night, and returning phone calls or visits when your priority #1 is your new baby.

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