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10 Indications That Your Child is Being Bullied

The biggest, most intimidating kid at school with the strongest fists and most aggressive personality is no longer the stereotypical school yard bully. In fact, today’s bullies don’t steal lunch money; rather they ruin reputations and create hurtful rumors using the internet and social media.

However, the negative effects of victimization from a bully are still the same—with kids resorting to depression, social withdrawal, physical injury, addiction, self-harm, and even suicide.Here are ten signs to watch out for if you think your child may be the victim of bullying…

1. Unexplained Injuries

Current U.S. research indicates that roughly 1 child is bullied every 7 minutes. Often and sadly, victims of bullying behavior will attempt to hide any trace. However, physical indications can still exist in addition to behavioral changes (i.e., social withdrawal, depression, self-harm, and even suicidal thoughts). Look for bruises, cuts, or scratches that can’t be a result of regular teen activities (i.e., team sports). For instance, black eyes are not often a result of normal childhood or teen roughhousing.

In fact, research from several American studies, indicate that one-tenth of bullied students admit being shoved, forcefully handled, spit on, tripped or pushed down by another student. This physical abuse does leave more than the normal teen bumps and bruises.

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