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Chewing On 7 Facts About Misophonia

Do you get very, very annoyed when you hear the sounds of someone eating and slurping? If so, you may have what’s known in the medical community as Misophonia, which is an “irrational” response of anger to these kinds of bodily sounds, notes the New York Times.

While most people get slightly agitated when someone is chomping with their mouth open, this condition can actually cause panic and rage in the person hearing it. Let’s take a closer listen (err, look) at seven facts about Misophonia, also known as selective sound sensitivity syndrome…

1. It Often Develops During Youth

According to an article from Mercury News, this is classified as a mental health issue that “often starts in childhood or early teens and is triggered by a particular noise made by a parent or other loved one.”

That means your brother, sister, mom or dad did something at the dinner table (or elsewhere) that started becoming intolerable to you when you were just a young one, and you carried that resentment of random bodily noises until adulthood.

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