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Busting Through 12 Myths About Strokes

Strokes are a common occurrence that can change people’s lives forever – in some cases, there’s almost complete recovery, while in other cases, it can land a patient in a wheelchair indefinitely – or worse.

However, knowing more about strokes can help you identify one and take action to minimize the damaging effects or prevent a fatality. Here are 12 things we actually know about strokes, to replace what we think we know about them…

1. Strokes are Not Just an ‘Older Person’ Problem

We often think about strokes striking the elderly, but they happen at significant rates to those aged under 65 as well. In fact, according to GoRedForWomen.org, about 25-percent of strokes occur in those under 65.

There’s no minimum age for a stroke either – the source notes that they can also affect infants. They can actually be more dangerous in younger people, because they are unexpected and the symptoms are ignored more often, it adds.

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