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Breaking Down 13 Facts About a Nervous Breakdown

People often throw around the words “nervous breakdown” to describe a reaction to stress, but what does that term really mean? The reality is that while it is still commonly used, it’s actually an outdated term that refers to a number of mental conditions, points out MedicalNewsToday.com.

Basically, a nervous breakdown refers to when someone is temporarily unable to function is their daily lives due to “emotional or physical stress,” adds the source. Let’s take a closer look at 13 things to know about so-called nervous breakdowns…

1. Defining a Nervous Breakdown

A “nervous breakdown” is a term rooted in history, and although vague, can point to a number of mental ailments. The key definition, as we mentioned, is that a person suffering a nervous breakdown is not able to carry out day-to-day functions due to “intense mental distress,” notes Healthline.com.

The source says it was once a catchall phrase to describe depression, anxiety, and acute stress disorder. It’s no longer formally recognized as a medical term, but it’s still so widely used that it’s worth exploring further.

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