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ACHOO: 7 Surprise Spring Allergy Triggers

If you’re already aware that you suffer from spring allergies, you likely do what you can to avoid pollen. Allergic rhinitis (or hay fever) strikes as soon as the first buds of spring pop through the moist earth. So you do your part, you take a 24-hour antihistamine, you steer clear of pollen prone areas on your route to work, and you vaccum your home regularly to avoid tracking pollen indoors.  However, you’re still stuffy, itchy, and sneezing.

Here are seven lesser known spring allergy triggers that can still get the better of you…

1. Hair Products

Do you do your do with hair spray, gel, mousse, and smoothing serum? You may be making your mane a magnet for pollen!

Researchers from New York University point to hair products, particularly sticky ones like hair gel and hair sprays, trap pollen in your hair like a net. If you don’t wash your hair every day, you may be literally travelling to work, home, and to bed with a head of allergens surrounding you in your locks.


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