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9 Natural Cures for What Ails Your Pet

According to countless veterinarians, many of the holistic remedies that you use to soothe aching joints, ease digestion, lessen inflammation, and beat stress will also work safely and effectively on your pet.

Veterinarians who focus on the holistic healing of cats and dogs commonly prescribe the following nine natural remedies:

1. Lavender Essential Oil

New York-based veterinarian, Jeffery Levy, prescribes lavender oil to soothe the stress of a traumatic car ride or trip to the vet for pets. Natural lavender oils work as a sedative when inhaled by humans and pets. For instance, studies show that dogs and cats exposed to a few drops of lavender (out of their immediate reach), the odor calmed the pet quickly and resulted in less whimpering and pacing compared to pets not exposed to its aroma.


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