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8 Medical Situations and Health Tips that Television Gets Wrong

If it’s on television, it must be right, right? Not always. There are a growing number of medical dramas that are supposed to be showing us the inner workings of the medical profession, whereas they’re miles off from reality.

Let’s be honest: these types of shows—as well as charismatic doctor shows that have a live audience on daytime television—often put showmanship above facts. In fact, in the case of the most popular daytime health “experts”, one study posted on IFLScience.com notes that at least half of the advice given on them is “wrong or lacks evidence”. Let’s take a look at some medical facts presented on the screen that differ from real life…

1. Miracle Heart Attack Treatment

KevinMD.com notes in an article that when people clutch their chest in obvious cardiac arrest on a television show, a doctor (or a civilian) gives them “a minute of (sub-par) CPR and a shock” and then the patient awakes unscathed.

The reality is in many cases, CPR won’t do the trick, and people are often shocked to lose a loved one in real life because they’re convinced the television method works miracles, adds the source. That being said, the site recommends you learn CPR in any case, because it still saves about 10-percent of lives when it occurs outside of a hospital.

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