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8 Ways to Appreciate Yourself for International Self-Care Day

We spend a good deal of our time as friends and parents worrying about the well-being of others, without paying too much mind about our own wellness in many cases. However, unless you put yourself first sometimes, you won’t be doing yourself or anyone you care for any favors.

While “me time” can be an important element of self-care, it’s not all about withdrawing from people we love. Self-care is more about incorporating healthy practices into your daily routine, like proper diet and even using the proper medicines to ensure your health. Since July is a month that celebrates International Self-Care Day, let’s take a look at eight tips to show yourself that you care…

1. Practice Proper Hygiene

Keeping yourself fresh is a great way to ensure you don’t get ill from unfriendly bacteria (or leave a bad impression on a co-worker). Good hygiene is considered one of the “seven pillars” of self-care, according to Consumer Health Products Canada.

Proper hygiene can be as simple as making sure you brush your teeth well on a daily basis, according to the source. Letting your oral health slide can lead to bigger problems like gum disease. Of course, taking a shower or bath each day is also recommended, as is washing your hands before eating to prevent making bacteria part of your meal.

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