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8 Ways for Men and Women to Survive a Mid-Life Crisis

You may joke about middle-aged men (and women) buying a sports car when they hit 50, but there’s actually some truth behind the fabled mid-life crisis. While it’s often associated with males, women are more likely to go through this particular bump in the road earlier in life than men.

Instead of getting a facelift or blowing money on a very expensive toy (which apparently is the choice of many women and men), there are more practical ways to weather a mid-life crisis that will have longer lasting effects. Here are eight things to keep in mind when you think you are facing a challenge…

1. Acknowledge How you Feel

Instead of burying your concerns about getting older, changing in physical appearance, or not being as strong or financially secure as you once were, you should acknowledge them, says Psychology Today. The source calls big life changes “uh-oh” moments, the same as other big events like marriage or having a child.

Telling yourself you’re facing a dilemma is the first step in dealing with it, adds the source. It refers to aging as “emerging maturity” and an opportunity to plan our (hopefully) many years ahead. In fact, the source suggests by looking at this time positively, you can avoid a major crisis altogether.

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