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8 Tricky Ways Pollen Can Get You!

For many of us, summer is synonymous with allergies. If this time of year has you wheezing, sneezing, scratching your eyes, and wishing you could scratch the back of your throat, you likely suffer with allergic rhinitis (or hay fever). And when the flowers, trees, and bushes burst into bloom, pollen can have you taking refuge inside. However, pollen and other allergy irritants can still get into your home in some pretty sly ways.

Consider these tricky pollen transporters…

1. Window Fans

I’m the first to say, “I can’t live without my window fan in the summer heat”. That’s why I was surprised to hear that my window fan is also the worst nightmare for my allergy symptoms.  It makes sense, window fans, well, they sit perched in your window…blowing cold air in and hot air out.

However, all of that sucking leads to a lot of dirt and grime trapped in your box fans blades and screens, which can trigger nasal congestion, sneezing, and itchy eyes. So wipe down the blades regularly, particularly after pollen-heavy days to eradicate trapped pollen particles.


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