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8 Treatments for Hair Loss to Comb Over

Hair loss—the final frontier. Well, not really…but for a lot of men (and some women), it feels like moving into uncharted territory that they’re not sure how to deal with. With that being said, the marketers out there have jumped on the opportunity to create products that are designed to retain remaining hair or even encourage it to grow back.

However, there are ongoing debates about the effectiveness of some of these treatments, and there can be side effects. That’s not to say that none of them work— so let’s take a look at eight commercial and holistic remedies that may work for you…

1. Rogaine

Perhaps we’ll start with medically approved approaches to hair loss reversal—including Minoxidil (Rogaine). The Mayo Clinic explains this over-the-counter treatment approved by the FDA is designed to be rubbed directly into the scalp.

The source notes that “some” people enjoy hair regrowth (or stop losing hair) after using this product, but what percentage is unknown. The effect “peaks at 16-weeks” and you need to regularly reapply it to maintain the benefits, it adds. The clinic said possible side effects include scalp irritation, hair growth in unwanted areas (like the face), and a rapid heart rate.

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