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Treatment Options for Ovarian Cancer

There’s no denying that being diagnosed with ovarian cancer — or any form of cancer, for that matter — can be very scary. The good news is that there are a number of treatment options available to patients based on how early the cancer was detected.

In terms of how invasive these treatment options are, they range from taking medications to complex surgical procedures. Typically, if the cancer is detected early, it will be treated with less invasive options first before proceeding to surgery, if it’s determined to be necessary at all. Other factors to consider when determining the most appropriate treatment option for a patient include age and overall state of health. With that in mind, let’s take a look at several prominent treatment options a patient can consider along with physicians and other medical professionals.

1. Natural/alternative medicine

There are many cancer patients who find the average clinical environment cold, threatening, even dangerous. Others seek alternatives to prescribed medications that can come with many side effects — like drowsiness, fatigue and vomiting — that make taking them hugely difficult. In search of something else, many cancer patients reach out to naturopaths and others who consider themselves specialists in alternative health treatments.

Alternative medicine is actually a massive field, with treatments ranging from simple teas and tonics to taking otherworldly plant-based medications. Other alternative treatments may be designed to simply help a cancer patient manage their diagnosis — take, for example, massage or acupuncture. Still other alternative treatments can help by making small or more significant changes to a patient’s diet. Of course, a patient being treated for ovarian cancer should discuss these alternative treatments with their doctor before proceeding.

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