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8 Top Health Scandal Headlines of 2016

The year 2016 rocked the world in many ways, and the health world wasn’t spared either. From the skyrocketing price of medications, to food recalls, to public figures with unfounded health advice, there was a lot happening to reflect on.

The holidays are a time when we can be grateful for our good health, but it’s also a cautionary tale and lesson about how to do things differently in the coming year. Let’s take a look at eight health scandals that made headlines in the past 12-months…

1. Steadily Inflating Drug Prices

Martin Shkreli was a name we heard a lot of during this time last year as the CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals. While he was widely criticized for smugly raising prices of medications (including a potentially life-saving drug called Daraprim), his Shkreli’s arrest was actually related to securities fraud.

While that was 2015, CBS Money Watch noted in February of 2016 that the trend seems to be continuing. The source notes that around 20-brand-name prescription drugs from various manufacturers have “at least quadrupled” since December 2014, with many others doubling in cost. The companies argue it’s for ongoing research, the feds conclude it’s only to boost profits.

Photographer: Pete Marovich/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Photographer: Pete Marovich/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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