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12 Telltale Signs of Hypochondria

Hypochondriacs suffer from a type of mental illness known as hypochondriasis (or hypochondria), which is now also commonly referred to as Illness Anxiety Disorder (IAD). This chronic anxiety-related disorder is mental and not physical, and it often presents similarly to obsessive-compulsive disorder. According to research from the University of Maryland’s Medical Center, roughly 80-percent of hypochondriacs also suffer from anxiety, depression, or another mental disorder. Hypochondria causes intense fear of illness—even though there’s no evidence of an actual physical condition (i.e., via doctors visits, medical exams, and tests).

The following hypochondria symptoms can cause extreme anxiety and paranoia, and are typically out of the patients’ control…

1. Convinced of Ill Health

Hypochondriacs have the tendency to believe they have a condition, illness, or disease after reading about it in the paper or online, and/or after hearing someone else talking about having a condition, even if they don’t show any primary symptoms of a condition. They can become so convinced of ill health that their anxiety persists even after the doctor hands off a clean bill of health.

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