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8 Strange But Effective Pain Relievers

When you experience joint pain or a nasty headache do you reach for ibuprofen or acetaminophen?

What if both bottles are empty?

No worries, when over-the-counter methods run dry, these eight unexpected pain relievers will soothe and lessen aches and discomforts in a pinch…

1. Just Breathe

Simply stopping to take a series of deep breaths made breathe wonders for pain relief, says Nicholas Kardaras, the clinical director and a psychiatrist at New-York based addiction treatment center, The Dunes East Hampton.  Drawing fresh oxygen into your body flushes your system with endorphins while eliminating stress hormones (i.e., adrenaline).  Sit in an easy, cross-legged yoga pose with your back straight and your hands folded in your lap and concentrate on each inhale and exhale for 10 to 15 breaths.

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