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8 Sounds That Make Us Sleepy

According to a U.S. survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, roughly 70-million Americans toss and turn every night due to being a feather-light sleeper, an insomniac, suffering from sleep apnea, or another sleep condition or external disturbance.

While there’s no super-powered Sandman sent to lull us into the type of deep, quality sleep that boosts energy, focus, and memory, research does tie specific sounds received through the brain via the auditory cortex to a better night’s sleep.

Here are eight sounds that help lull us to sleep…

1. Nature Sounds

Have you ever slept out in nature? If not, you’re truly missing out on some natural sleep soothers—like ocean waves, rain, and even rolling thunder storms due to the lulling, rhythmic noise frequencies. Just be warned that along with inducing zzzz’s, water sounds, which are noted as particularly calming, also induce middle-of-the-night bathroom breaks.

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