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8 Scary Effects Of Vitamin D Deficiency

Research published in the journal Nutrition Research, reports that roughly 42-percent of American adults are vitamin D deficient. Dubbed the “sunshine” nutrient, D certainly has a sunny disposition on our general health and wellness. For instance, adequate vitamin D levels protect us from several forms of cancer (i.e., prostate and breast cancers), lower the risk of depression, and ensure strong immunity.

Alternately, vitamin D deficiency—which, according to the Institute of Medicine, is less than 600 IU per day for both men and women—can leave us exposed to all sorts of of scary diseases and illnesses, including early death…

1. Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

For the sake of your heart, the American College of Cardiology, would like you to know that low levels of vitamin D increase your risk of coronary artery disease by about 32-percent. Their research also claims a 20-percent increase in other heart-related diseases that impact the heart’s blood vessel system.

On the other hand, researchers at the American College of Cardiology, report that adequate levels of Vitamin D (at least 600 IU per day) strengthen immunity and reduce immune-related inflammation, which can extend to the heart and increase the overall risk of heart disease.

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