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8 Reasons Why Depression is Common During Our Early 20’s

Many of us remember our early 20’s with nostalgia. For most, this is our first shot at independence, moving out of the house for work or attending college or university away from home for the first time.  This period of self-discovery is marked by good memories for many. However, on the other hand, a large majority of early adults struggle with loneliness, failure, extreme pressure, financial debt, feelings ostracism, grave self-doubt, and the first taste of heartbreak. This is why psychologists often dub the early 20s population as vulnerable to feelings of depression and note that initial symptoms of depression commonly strike around age 25.

Here are eight common ways that depression can set in for the early 20s set…

1. Biology

Neuroscientists from Yale university point out that oftentimes the brain’s frontal lobe (our capacity for decision-making and cognitive reasoning) doesn’t full form until we reach around 25-years of age, which is why huge decisions—like career choices, living arrangements, friend groups, and decisions made in social settings—can sometimes create a whole lot of worry and fear.

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