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8 Healthy Ways to Boost Your Confidence

If your self-esteem is your engine, then your confidence is the transmission that puts it into motion (we just made that up). What we didn’t make up is that confidence goes a long way in personal and business success, so how to you strengthen it if you’re feeling a little unsure of yourself?

While it’s nice to receive compliments and praise once in a while to help you feel good about yourself, sometimes it takes a little bit of an effort from yourself to feel more confident. Here are eight ways to reach that goal…

1. Stop Worrying about Other’s Opinions

Opinions are like belly buttons, everyone has one (the original saying was a bit different from this, but we’re editing this for a family-rated website). Anyhow, if someone has said or done something to deflate your ego a bit, then remember that’s just one person, and there are plenty of others out there cheering you on.

The Huffington Post notes in an article that if you ask 30-people for their opinion of you, “you are likely to find you have 30 different reputations.” The important opinion is your own; know that you’re doing your best and you can’t control what a negative Nelly has to say about it.

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