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8 Habits That Make You Age Faster

With the possible exception of teenagers, just about everyone wants to look younger. That’s why the age-defying industry — which includes everything from skin creams to fruit smoothies — has become so massive in recent years. These days, it seems that no one actually wants to look their age.

That said, many of the products people spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on each year to make themselves appear younger won’t make much of a difference. The reality is that the age one appears to be depends far more on one’s everyday habits. So, which habits should you avoid in order to look younger and healthier?

1. Smoking

It’s no surprise, perhaps, that smoking regularly is a good way to make yourself look years older than you actually are. That’s because cigarettes and cigars contain chemicals that, once released into the air in the form of smoke, tend to stain everything they come into contact with — include skin, teeth, eyes, and even hair.

Of course, that’s not even considering the fact that excessive smoking can result in one developing a range of serious health problems affecting parts of our body beyond the surface. For example, smoking can do serious damage to the mouth, throat, and lungs in a way that can make one sound a lot older than they are.

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