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8 Conditions Doctors Often Diagnose Wrong

When painful indigestion, joint pain, or other unexplained health woes plague you for weeks and months on end, you naturally make an appointment with your doctor for answers. However, what do you do when your health care provider is unable to identify the source of your mysterious ailment?

Here are eight medical conditions the doctors often leave doctors scratching their heads…

1. Fibromyalgia

The mysterious musculoskeletal pain, sleep disruptions, mood and memory changes, and fatigue caused by Fibromyalgia, often leaves physicians totally perplexed. This also explains why Fibromyalgia is often a blanket term used to diagnose patients when a physical cause cannot be found to explain the myriad of symptoms.  In fact, research from Yale University indicates that the specialist the patient is referred to with often influence the diagnosis—for instance, a gastroenterologist will likely diagnoses IBS while a rheumatologist will more often diagnose fibromyalgia, which may explain why according to the American College of Physicians, roughly 5.8 million Americans have been diagnosed with this condition.

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