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Common Causes of Head and Neck Cancer

2. Tobacco Use

Many tobacco users develop breathing problems as time goes on, but it’s not just the lungs that are harmed by regular tobacco consumption. If you smoke tobacco — through cigarettes, cigars, or pipes — you’re also doing serious harm to areas of the head and neck, and particularly the throat and mouth. According to Cancer.net, it’s the single largest risk factor for head and neck cancer. It is the cause behind about 85-percent of all cases. Even secondhand smoke can increase a person’s risk.

Of course, it’s not just smoking tobacco that presents problems. Chewing tobacco is also a huge health issue, as it can lead to the emergence of several types of mouth cancer. Using snuff, meanwhile, can cause cancer to emerge in the areas around the nose, including the sinuses. In short, tobacco use is a huge contributor to the development of head and neck cancers and should be avoided.

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