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8 Bizarre Impulse Behaviors Found Worldwide

When we think of addictions, our minds usually gravitate towards a few things in particular. However, the science of addiction is complex, and it turns out we can be addicted to some pretty strange things.

While some of these addictions can be relatively harmless (at least physically), they can have the same drawbacks as more traditional addictions from social isolation to loss of job performance. Here are eight of the weirder addictions that have documented around the world…

1. Drinking Urine

TopYaps.com talks of a woman that “loves drinking urine,” which apparently gives her a boost of energy. Over a 4-year period, this particular women reportedly drank 900-gallons of her own pee—talk about efficient recycling!

Urine therapy is apparently part of alternative medicine, which uses human liquid waste for medicinal purposes. It is also used for massaging into the skin. Sources point out that urine is mostly sterile, so it may not be dangerous to consume in the short-term (say, if you were locked in the trunk of a car and thirsty), but the byproducts can build up in your system over time and become problematic.

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