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8 Aches and Pains You Should Never Ignore

While every single ache and pain you experience shouldn’t put you on edge—there are certain sharp pangs, fevers, and headaches that come on with excruciating swiftness and spell a healthy distress that should never be ignored.

These eight discomforts require immediate medical attention…

1. Appendicitis Pain

If the appendix ruptures, it’s an agonizing stomach pain to the lower right of abdomen that’s almost impossible to ignore. However, gastroenterologists from Cambridge Health Alliance, a Harvard-affiliate, describe an irritated appendix, or one in distress, as an ache that begins at the tummy center (or belly button) and gradually moves over to the right hand side.

Once the appendix bursts, which can take up to 24-hours, bacteria will filter into your bloodstream throughout the whole body, which is why a trip to the emergency room is imperative. An untreated ruptured appendix (meaning one that burst) will spill infectious materials (or waste) into the abdominal cavity, eventually causing peritonitis, the severe and dangerous inflammation of the perineum (which is the protective lining of the abdominal cavity. Emergency treatment (usually surgery and/or antibiotics will prevent death.

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