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7 Ways Your Personality Traits Could Dictate Your Health

Everyone has their own personality traits – that’s what makes a person an individual. However, have you ever stopped to think about how the way you act and your general behavior could impact your long-term health?

There are a wide range of personalities out there, each with their own advantages and challenges in life. However, here’s a look at seven personality types and how they can impact your well-being down the road…

1. Extroverts

An article from USNews.com explains that those who are outgoing (and more involved in their community) can reap health benefits. The source points to an analysis of 148 studies published in an online journal called PLoS Medicine that found adults enrolled in a study “with many close friendships” were 50-percent more likely to survive until the end of their study period than those with few friendships.

The source also points to a 2009 study that shows “social support” can mean “improved coping skills, healthy behavior, and adherence to medical regimens.” It also points out that bonding with others has benefits for the immune system and reduces stress (assuming you like the people around you).

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