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7 Ways to Speed Up Natural Healing

Your body does a pretty darn good job of healing strains, bruises, cuts and other more serious injuries, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a helping hand.

These methods involve targeted application of natural or commercial remedies, as well as making some lifestyle changes to give your body a chance to bounce back more effectively. Let’s take a look at seven ways to lend yourself a healing hand…

1. Apply Honey

Prevention.com notes that honey may not only be delicious, but also effective in treating burns and cuts. It notes that “honey acts as an antibacterial agent, rapidly cleaning out and preventing further infection,” and it backs up its claim with some research.

The source cites an analysis of several studies by New Zealand researchers that show honey healed burns 4-days faster than burns that weren’t treated with honey. It notes to buy “locally farmed” honey rather than commercial varieties—apparently heat used to produce the latter product lessens the antibacterial strength.


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