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7 Tips To Break Free From Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is the stuff of nightmares – you’re frozen in place but feel like you need to run away from something scary. However, sleep paralysis is not technically a nightmare – it’s the result of entering deep sleep or coming out of it. You’re still somewhat aware, but your mind is playing tricks on you, making it all the more terrifying.

Because you’re not actually dreaming, there are some ways to take control of the situation and try to get yourself out of it. If you experience sleep paralysis on a frequent or even occasional basis, then you’re in a small group – but it can also give you a chance to practice and execute these seven tips for beating it…

1. Remain Calm

This is probably easier said than done, especially when an overwhelming sense of doom comes over you and you can’t escape it. However, one thing that some experts suggest is to try not to fight or struggle, as this can actually intensify the situation, according to DreamStudies.org.

So if you have a dark figure in your room that seems to be holding you down, don’t try to push back, notes the site. “Fighting back will also increase the fear, thus triggering the emotional centers of the brain and strengthening this lucid nightmare,” explains the source.

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