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Time-Tested Facts About Aging

No one is getting younger. You’ve heard that expression before (unless you’re living in seclusion with a wifi connection), but what does it actually mean? While we may not be able to run as fast as we used to, or even look quite the same, it’s not all bad news.

In fact, for some, aging means a chance to see things in perspective, which is not always easy when you’re young and in the thick of things. It also means you have more inner peace and confidence. Let’s take a look at some time-tested facts about aging…

1. Aging Might Make You Happier

According to an article from the Huffington Post, a study showed that people are most happiest in their youth, and not that happy again until their 70’s and even early 80’s. “They were least happy during middle age,” it adds.

The Post explains another study showed people grew happier at age 65 (any coincidence that this is the average retirement age?), with the happiness levels growing until age 85 (and beyond). “Some experts believe it is because older people are able to tap into the toolbox of social and emotional instincts they’ve built with experience,” it reads.

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