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8 Pros And Cons About Caffeine

2. Pro: Metabolism Boosting

Surprisingly, caffeine has the ability to boost your metabolism. It does this through a process called thermogenesis which the Mayo Clinic describes as the body generating heat and energy from digesting food. This process helps you burn more calories while you’re resting.  It is also an active ingredient in over the counter weight loss drugs for this purpose as well as providing more energy and focus in a workout setting.

The Mayo Clinic describes that caffeine is also responsible for appetite suppression. So if you’re looking to lose some weight, consuming caffeine might suppress any urges to snack at unnecessary times. However, caffeinated beverages are either often sugary (pop and energy drinks, or added cream and sugar in coffee) so if you’re not paying attention to the nutritional information on the labels, you might not be reaping the benefits of appetite suppression.

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