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7 Scientific-Based Reasons to Cuddle More Often

A cuddle with your sweetie not only boasts emotional benefits—after all, we known that touching and hugging do their part to increase our feelings of comfort, safety, human bond, self-esteem, as well as improving mood. However, it turns out that scientific research shows that cuddling also has it’s share of physical benefits as well.

So grab your lover, best friend, child, or pet and hug-it-out for these health reasons…

1. Cuddling Strengthens Communication

Chicago-based marriage and family therapist, David Klow, prescribes cuddling as a beneficial form of non-verbal communication. And, according to Klow, lack of communication is a huge issue in many patient marriages.

Cuddling is a powerful communication tool between partners because it improves intimacy in a non-erotic manner while strengthening feelings of connection, understanding, and empathy between partners. Klow says that holding your partner close conveys, “I understand how you feel” and “you’re not alone” without the need for words

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