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7 Possible Causes of Déjà Vu You Might’ve Heard Before

It’s happened to pretty much everyone at some point – you’re speaking to someone or performing an activity, and an eerie feeling comes over you that the exact same scenario took place before, although you can’t place when.

It’s the feeling that you’ve rewound the tape and you’re replaying a scene from your life that already happened, even though it’s happening right now. If you’ve had this feeling, you may feel like you’re reliving a past life, or you’ve been transported to another dimension. However, some experts around the web have other explanations. Here are seven of them…

1. Hologram Theory

LittleThings.com says this theory, coined by Dutch scientist Herman Sno, suggests that reliving even one fragment of a familiar experience can trick your brain into thinking the entire experience you’re currently having has occurred before.

For example, the site says the smell of evergreen trees during summer might bring you back to a moment during the holiday season. “Our five senses are intimately linked to memory, so one familiar odor or taste can send you right back down memory lane,” notes the source.

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